Go for a financially secure future


Saving on energy costs is one of the best ways to save a little extra money every month. By making your home more sustainable, your gas and/or electricity consumption will decrease and so will your energy costs. That is why we work together with Powerly, the organisation that can help you during your entire sustainability journey.

All your sustainable options in one place


From solar panels to cavity wall insulation and from heat pump to solar boiler. All energy-saving options in one place.

Get 100% independent advice


Make an appointment with a Powerly energy expert for a free consultation. Together you will discuss your living situation and wishes and determine what is and what is not possible. The consultation is free of charge and without any obligation and is intended to advise and assist you as best as possible in making your home more sustainable.

This conversation is without any obligation and takes about 30 minutes.

Cooperation LifeSight & Powerly


At LifeSight we have the ambition to give you a personal and sustainable pension in which you get the most out of your assets. That’s why we help you to find ways to save some extra cash. One of the best options is to save on your energy costs.

Powerly is an expert in the field of guidance, care and advice when it comes to making homes more sustainable. Powerly will help you find your smartest sustainable choices, which will save you on your energy costs. Powerly has a personal approach and gives honest and independent advice.