APG transfers Inadmin to RiskCo

AMSTELVEEN, 3 April 2018 – LifeSight’s pension administration is located at Inadmin, a subsidiary of APG. At the end of March 2018, APG announced that Inadmin had been sold to RiskCo. The acquisition will take effect from May and will have no consequences for our clients and participants. Systems will be integrated in the coming year and a half. The company resulting from the merger will be called RiskCo-Inadmin.

RiskCo is an organisation operating internationally with offices in Utrecht, Eindhoven and Amsterdam. The company develops systems for long-term administration such as those required by pension funds. RiskCo’s goal is to keep the complexity of financial products manageable and to automate them in a structured way.

RiskCo’s intentions are therefore in line with LifeSight’s objectives. LifeSight has an independent organisational model that enables us to select the best parties on the market, and to provide a unique and distinctive pension product together with our partners. Together with our pension administrator, LifeSight will continue to provide modern, high quality pension plans to existing and future customers.