Towers Watson’s PPI renamed LifeSight

New international organisation of Defined Contribution (DC) pension providers

AMSTELVEEN, Monday 12 September 2016 – From today, Towers Watson’s PPI is to be known as LifeSight. This multi-employer pension institution combines the advantages of personal pension insights for employees and customised investments into one pension scheme.

LifeSight offers employers and employees optimum transparency and peace of mind. By means of the employee portal, My-LifeSight, employees can easily view the most important information about their pension and their personal pension situation. Among other things, they can see whether their accrued pension is sufficient and how they can influence this.

International nature
In 2013, Towers Watson PPI, LifeSight’s predecessor, formed the first of a series of multi-employer pension institutions set up by Willis Towers Watson. Since then, comparable ‘master trusts’ are now active in Great Britain, Belgium, Ireland and South Africa. “LifeSight is a growing international organisation under one common management structure, the elements of which reinforce each other across national borders. We strongly believe in the strength of local pension administrators under one common, international organisation, enabling us to offer our customers stability and future-proofing”, says Ton Winkels, former Managing Director of LifeSight. “We invest with an investment mix that best matches an employee’s personal situation and also protects against market risks such as falling interest rates and inflation. In this way we offer the greatest possible chance for disposable income to also remain at the desired level after retirement.”

Today, one in five people living in the Netherlands expects to work until they are seventy, or even longer. Rolf Kooijman, LifeSight foundation’s chairman of the board: “It is necessary to be able to quickly respond to new developments on the pension market. Employers and employees do not always have a great deal of trust in pension schemes. For example, there are sometimes concerns about the return, but also about the stability and the implementation of schemes. At LifeSight we have set up an independent premium pension institution (PPI) that responds to the need for transparency, flexibility and optimum returns. LifeSight is a separate legal entity in the Netherlands with an independent board and supervisory board.”