Towers Watson PPI becomes LifeSight

You are currently accruing a pension through your employer’s scheme(s) which is executed by Towers Watson PPI. Or you have previously accrued a pension in a scheme run by a former employer, which is also executed by Towers Watson PPI. Towers Watson PPI is now operating under the name of LifeSight.

Why the name change?

It is our mission to offer our clients a brighter future by helping to ensure they have a financially pleasant life after retirement. We help our clients attain this by clear communication and smart investment solutions. Our new name better suits our mission and is already used in other countries where we help our clients with a good and clear pension. For this reason, we are now named LifeSight in the Netherlands as well.

What does this mean for you?

From now on, all messages you receive will be LifeSight branded. You will be able to recognise these using the logo above. Your pension scheme shall continue and remains unchanged.

More information?

You will receive more information from us in December about other changes and when these will take place. If you wish to learn more about us, then you can read more information on this site.