LifeSight welcomes new customers

Smooth transition to new administrator, Inadmin

AMSTELVEEN, 20 March 2017 – After a carefully executed implementation process, Inadmin successfully started serving LifeSight participants on 1 January 2017. LifeSight and Inadmin entered into a partnership with each other in April 2016 for the administration of LifeSight’s pensions. Thanks to the efforts and cooperation of all parties involved, including portal developer eBenefits, the transition went smoothly. Moreover, new clients have been included since the implementation: Office Depot and ICL Europe now have their pension plan with LifeSight.

Inadmin NV is part of APG and administers premium schemes for various pension providers, including ASR, ABN AMRO Premium Pension Institution (PPI) and Robeco PPI. In mid-2016 Willis Towers Watson’s PPI, LifeSight, decided to move from its previous administrator, Syntrus Achmea pension management, to Inadmin NV.

Smooth transition 
Rolf Kooijman, LifeSight foundation’s Chairman of the Board: “We are very pleased with the smooth transition to our new pension administrator that we have been able to realise in a relatively short time. It’s a great start to the new year. Employees have the flexibility to gain personal insights through our new employee portal, and the opportunity to continue investing on retirement.”

Nice and simple
Rik Douwes, Inadmin’s Managing Director: “In collaboration with the LifeSight team, we worked hard to ensure that the transition went smoothly for employees and employers, who particularly appreciate being able to easily make full use of all the options.”

LifeSight does not only operate in the Netherlands. Willis Towers Watson is also working on expanding its premium pension institution in Belgium, England and Ireland.