A steady governance model as part of a European pension plan administrator


LifeSight in the Netherlands is part of the growing European pensions administration organisation of a global company. This gives our clients the assurance that our pension administration is future-proof. For employers, it offers specific local propositions based on a single, comprehensive product. Our independent business model with carefully selected external partners always puts the interests of our clients first. We are constantly looking for economies of scale, cost savings and product advantages that benefit you directly. LifeSight is currently available in Belgium, the Netherlands, South Africa and the UK.

Independence: co-operation with the best companies on the market


Our independence enables us to select the best parties on the market and combine them into one unique and distinctive pension product. LifeSight evaluates its value proposition annually. If necessary, better parties can be appointed or added, and market developments and innovations can be responded to quickly. In this way we provide our customers with the best price-quality ratio. If you opt for LifeSight, you benefit from the advantages resulting from this flexibility and our cooperation with the best parties on the market.

Employee portal for optimal pension insight and action overview


The LifeSight pension plan can be fully tailored to an employee’s individual situation, starting with the online employee portal (My-LifeSight). A personal pension goal is established by determining the required pension income on the basis of an employee’s personal characteristics. We do this automatically on the basis of data obtained via a smart link with the Netherlands’ National Institute for Family Finance Information (Nibud). If desired, employees can adjust their personal pension goal themselves.

Relevant and personal communication


In the employee portal we communicate in terms that give employees the best insights. We refer to net pension income taking into account inflation, not to investment capital or investment profiles. We inform employees about their pension as part of the overall financial picture. By means of smart email alerts, we let employees know what impact relevant moments in their life have on their pensions – such as getting married, having children or moving house. In this way we offer current pension insights so your employees stay well informed about your scheme and their pension situation. LifeSight makes pensions a respected and valuable employee benefit.

Tailored pension investments for a better result


By making use of good investment mixes that are tailored to the individual and protect against market risks such as falling interest rates or inflation, we offer the greatest possible chance of keeping disposable income at the desired level after an employee retires.

Even in the case of employees who do not go into their pension in any depth and do not choose for themselves, we can still respond to every employee’s individual situation by using smart standards. With LifeSight you offer everyone convenience and a personal pension scheme regardless of your employees’ level of engagement or knowledge.