A first-class pension plan


As an employer, you want to provide your employees with a modern pension plan – one in which everything is well arranged for you and your employees by a stable pension provider. It is important to you that your employees value their pension scheme. Above all, you want to make sure you are teamed up with A-list partners, so you can be certain that your pension scheme is first-class.

A clear pension for your employees


It is of the utmost importance that your employees know where they stand financially so they can retire at the right time with adequate benefits. They need answers to crucial questions such as, “How much do I need? How much will I receive? Will that be enough, and how can I influence the outcome?” They need a pension plan that they understand, that suits their needs and provides them with the prospect of a steady income later in life.

Valuable employee benefit


LifeSight gets your employees involved in their pension with a high-quality and balanced communications mix that is easy to understand, relevant and realistic. It also meets all regulatory requirements, and more. The My-LifeSight employee portal lies at the heart of our communications. Our other means of communication, such as the personal annual pension statement, also contribute to providing your employees with insight and perspective. If desired, you can offer your employees personal reviews of their pension plan.

Tailored investments for better results


Most employees do not want to, are afraid to, or cannot make investment choices. Thanks to our intelligent investment concept, they will not need to make such choices or have a detailed understanding of investing. Employees invest automatically in an investment mix that matches their personal characteristics and pension objectives, without being faced with complex investment choices.

Employee portal


The LifeSight pension plan can be fully tailored to every employee’s personal situation. The online employee portal easily provides the most important information about an employee’s personal pension situation, and provides opportunities to make adjustments. It can show the consequences of a change, such as a higher premium or another investment profile. Then the participant can decide for themselves if something needs to be changed.