What does LifeSight do?


Enabling you to easily gain optimum insight into their personal pension situation is our goal and we do this through the online employee portal. We inform you about pensions as part of your overall financial picture, in clear language: we talk about net pension income and not investment capital or other complicated terms.


You will hear from us at important moments in your life such as getting married, having children or moving house. By means of smart alerts we will let you know how these impact your pension.

What can you do yourself?


The online employee portal gives you insight into your income after retirement. You can see how much you will need later, what you are going to receive and what you can do about it yourself. For example, you can pay extra premium, adjust your retirement age or opt for a different pension income.

What is a PPI?


LifeSight is a Premium Pension Institution or PPI. A PPI is a type of pension provider, as are insurers and pension funds. We implement pension plans and build up pension assets. LifeSight is licensed by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and is supervised by DNB and the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).


The LifeSight pension plan is a defined contribution (DC) plan. The level of the pension payment depends on, among other things, investment earnings. In cooperation with our partners, we also offer various cover in the event of death and disability.


LifeSight is a separate foundation with an independent board and supervisory board. We adhere to strict requirements when it comes to confidentiality and the prevention of conflicts of interest.