LifeSight is a modern and innovative pension administrator and sustainability has an important role in our mission. Our commitment to a better environment, a strong community and good corporate governance (ESG) is diverse and constantly evolving.

Underpinning everything we do, including our vision for sustainability, are our Code of Conduct and our values of customer focus, teamwork, respect, excellence, and integrity. This is how we do business with our clients, employees, business partners and society in a way that supports and promotes our values.

Our mission

Helping people to achieve a better financial future on a sustainable basis

What does sustainability mean to LifeSight?


Our customers, employees and other stakeholders expect us to conduct our business with integrity, in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, and with the highest ethical standards. We do this through an integrated policy. This starts with our mission: helping people achieve a better financial future.

Climate and environment


We minimise our impact on the environment in the course of our business activities.


Climate change and its growing impact on society is the biggest challenge facing the world today. We are fully aware of the need to support measures aimed at tackling climate change. We recognise our impact and responsibility to the environment. Therefore, we design and implement processes to reduce our environmental footprint. We are committed to working as sustainably as possible ourselves. This applies to our offices, our partners and our investment policies.



We foster a culture of mutual respect and safety, an inclusive and diverse work environment.


We offer a range of professional development opportunities and fair recruitment and employment standards


Inclusion and diversity (I&D) have a direct impact on our ability to grow and succeed. That is why we are committed to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone is heard and respected. We believe that building a diverse workforce is the right thing to do. And that this is necessary because diverse thinking is the key to maintaining our competitive advantage now and in the future. We define diversity as: the inclusion of individuals from an underrepresented population, including but not limited to color, ethnicity, race, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and disability.



We work with communities to address social and economic challenges.


We support charities to support society and make it more sustainable.


Our organisation and our employees are part of the communities and the society in which we operate. We therefore believe it is important to be at the centre of society and to make it better, more sustainable and healthier. We undertake various initiatives to give something back. LifeSight enters into partnerships and supports charities that fit in well with the themes: environment; financial well-being; mental and physical well-being.

Client proposition


We conduct business on the basis of our Code of Conduct and values. The emphasis in managing our relationships is on honesty, decency and good citizenship.


We strive to make a positive contribution to a better environment and a sustainable society through our proposition.


The privacy of our customers is a top priority.


We pay extra attention to the CSR policies of our business partners, who are an important part of our value proposition, and seek alignment and integration where possible.


At LifeSight, we believe that in our proposition to clients, sustainability goes beyond sustainable investing. Therefore, our ambition is to integrate social responsibility into as many facets of our client contacts and services as possible.

Charities and cooperation


Cooperation: Powerly

Powerly is an expert in making homes more sustainable. This reduces energy costs and results in more money being left over from the pension for other things


Charity: Trees for All

Support Trees for All that invests in forests and thus contributes to a better climate, restoration of nature and improved living conditions of people in developing countries.


Charity: JINC

Support JINC, an organisation that helps young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods to get a better chance on the labor market.


Cooperation: Pension3days 

Partner of the financial education programme of the Pension3days.

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